Servicio de Hosting tipo WEB APPS PRO


Servicio de Hosting tipo WEB APPS PRO


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Este servicio incluye un servidor WEB localizado ya sea en EEUU, Asia o Europa con las siguientes caracteristicas:


este es un nuevo tipo de servidor orientado a los desarrolladores de aplicaciones basadas en web

The WebApps platform allows you to deploy and run Node.js projects, as well as custom runtime environments.

The Node.js environment is fully managed and updated server-side.

You just need to upload your project to the server and start it through our graphical interface (or the handy CLI tool).

You can also manually install other runtime environments, such as Python/Django, Go, and Ruby.

The standard technologies supported on all our servers, like PHP, Perl, MySQL


  • 24/7 Tech Support With a 7-Minute Average Response Time

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL/HTTPS Certificates

Free Daily Backups

Fully Managed and Monitored Email Service incluyendo Anti SPAM, ilimitados

100-Day Money-Back Guarantee

PHP , Python y Perl

30 subdominios

30 bases de datos MySQL

WordPress +CLI con un solo clic

30 cuentas FTP

10 dominios parqueados

Acceso SSH







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