Biografía- Juan Ignacio Barrios A.

Inteligencia Artificial en Salud

Dr. Juan I. Barrios A. MD M.Sc. D.Sc.

Healthcare Technology Expert and Information Systems Consultant.

Expert in advanced data analytics and a passionate enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare

Big DATA, AI and Health Information Systems

? Barcelona, 08029 .


Universidad AH. Madrid,  España Máster en Inteligencia Artificial en salud.   2023-

Universitat  Oberta de Catalunya - Máster en Big Data y Ciencia de Datos      2018-2021

IEBS Barcelone , Master´s degree in Business Intelligence and IT consulting, 2016-2017

Pan American Health Organization,  Health Information Systems advisor 1987-1994

Escuela Atonoma de Ciencias Médicas, Bachiller, Licenciado y Doctor en médicinay cirugía. CR:1980-1985



Science, Technology and Telecommunications Ministry, Costa Rica.  E-Government and Cybersecurity team leader 2014-2015.

Casa Presidencial , Costa Rica, CTO.
IT Government Projects.

Costa Rica Foundation for Sustainable Development, Costa Rica, Executive Director. LINCOS Project Manager.



Universitat de Barcelona, Medical Informatics, Biomedical Engineering, Advanced data analitycs .  Big Data and Machine Learning.   Visiting Profesor. 2015-(Current)

Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Visiting researcher 2016

Colegio de Médicos y Cirujanos de Costa Rica, IT consultant, 1998-(Current)

Col.legi de Metges de Barcelona ( Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Barcelona ) 2017-


Biografía- Juan Ignacio Barrios A.:  I have an impressive track record of success in Medical Informatics, Public Administration, and Information Technologies for over 30 years. I have worked extensively in the public sector, private consulting, and non-profit sector management, both nationally and internationally. One of my proudest accomplishments is being a key inspiration behind the highly successful LINCOS (little Intelligent communities) initiative.

Currently, I am living in Barcelona, Spain, where I am focusing on improving my knowledge in various fields such as AI, BIG DATA, and Medical Informatics (Bioinformatics). I am a member of the Col.legi de Metges de Barcelona (Official College of Physicians of Barcelona). My areas of expertise include the ICT industry, Medical Informatics, Business Intelligence, BIG DATA and Artifficial Intelligence . I am particularly passionate about the impact of tose technologies and advanced data analytics in healthcare, and the importance of Medical Informatics in providing clinicians with access to electronic health records and other critical patient data. With my extensive experience and expertise, I am well-positioned to make a meaningful impact in these fields and help drive innovation and positive change in the healthcare industry.

Profesional Experience

Universitat de Barcelona / Hospital Clinic – Barcelona

Visiting Professor

June 2015 – Present. Universidad de Barcelona. Physics department. Biomedical Engineering Master´s Degree Focus áreas:  Big Data and Machine Learning for advanced data analytics in healthcare
Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Visiting Researcher

2016-2017 . Barcelona Area, Spain
Colegio de Medicos y Cirujanos de Costa Rica

ICT Project´s main advisor

1998 – Present
Casa Presidencial, Costa Rica

Information Technology Chief Officer / IT president´s advisor

May 2010 – April 2014 IT Planning Team leadership Social Media Telecommunications Networking IT Countrywide planning Datacenters Cloud computing  Country Medical records


2006 – 2010 Entrepreneurship focused on developing SMS technologies
Central America Autonomous University, UACA, Medicine School

Medical Informatics Professor

May 2009 – May 2010 Development of basic skills in Informatics for Medicine students Development of the first e-learning infrastructure for Medical Informatics.
Costa Rica Foundation for Sustainable Development

Executive Director, LINCOS Project Director, Board of Directors , Advisor

August 1998  – Present. Costa Rica Empowering sustainable technologies for the undeveloped world
University of Costa Rica

PROSIC: Program for Information knowledge society, Associate researcher for the evaluation of Government IT projects

University of Rochester Medical Center

Preventive Medicine. Faculty member ( for the Medical Informatics degree)

January 2002 – December 2006 Adjunct Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in the School of Medicine and Dentistry, effective December 1, 2019 Telemedicine Tele Health Medical Informatics Master level training
Ministerio de Salud de Costa Rica

CTO National Health Information Systems Manager

May 1994 – May 1998 (4 years )San José, Costa Rica Countrywide policy making for health statistics Contrywide health statistics managing for health services and communicable disease Health information technology systems manager Health informatics
Costa Rica’s Government

IT senior advisor

May 1994 – May 1998 (4 years, ) Digital policy making support Promote the use and take advantage of Information technologies in the public sector To coonect and promote the first Internet connections for public institutions Telemedicine project design and management.
Ministerio de Salud de Costa Rica

Primary Health Care,  Chief Information Officer

January 1985 – Apr 1990 (5 years 4 months)San José, Costa Rica Primary Health care information gather, process and data analyze Technology Plataform migration


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